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Our reverse engineering capability for pattern, cuts and even template development for all vehicle types are guaranteed to produce the best leather interior solutions with good fitment and top-notch quality.

With over 24 years of experience, we got everything that you need in a car seat upholstery. Its's not an understatement when we stated that we are one of the biggest one-stop center for car seat upholstery.

Research & Development

Our Research and Development (R&D) Department’s main aim is to keep pace with modern trends and analyse the needs and desires of our customers, then transforming ideas into products. DK SCHWEIZER’s products are simply the result of years of hard work of our specialised R&D team with the objective to deliver our customers the best leather interior solutions without compromising quality. Through the semi automation of our manufacturing processes, we are able to reduce reliance on manual labors and raw material wastage, thereby reducing manufacturing cost and increasing manufacturing efficiency and output.

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Patterns Seat Design


Number of Oe fitments


Engineered to be Perfect

Car manufacturers tend to go for more muted designs for a variety of reasons. Two-tone leather designs and contrast stitching are not at all common, particularly for non-premium models; but DK SCHWEIZER gives you plenty of options, and at sensible prices.

Our studio goes to great lengths in ensuring that the designs are relevant to not only our customers but also the car or vehicle it is made for. As you can see from our current design catalogue, the variety of colours every series comes in gives buyers additional options.

Detail drawings provide a detailed description of the geometric form of each object such as the seat components, console box, gear knob, steering, and so on. Our designers tend to sketch drawings that show the graphical information before using 3d Software.

We Have The Quality

The certificates that were granted to us is an indicator that DK SCHWEIZER provides only the best for our customers. We emphasize in our materials being tested multiple times to increase comfort and luxury in our material. We strive to be the best, for your safety and luxury.

Ergonomics Components of Cars Upholstery


Hours of Research & Development

The time and effort our R&D team has put in to ensure that our products meet your expectations on demand.


Number of Happy Customers 2021

The number of people that trusts us with their car seats in 2021 just kept on growing. With their trust, we made sure more than 2 million customers were happy with our products.


Hours of Testing Analysis

Having our Car Upholsteries tested for a certain period of time provides our customers with good quality, best safety and premium finishes.

What The Pro Said

Seats and car upholstery is very crucial on dictating a well-rounded car. Having DK SCHWEIZER custom seats has made driving a better experience. Long drives doesn’t lead to body aches which makes car owners look forward to having long hour travels due to having more comfortable and luxurious seats. Top notch quality provided by DK SCHWEIZER can be highlighted by a large number of happy customers with their enhanced seats and car upholstery. Check out DK SCHWEIZER sportier collection of car seats upholstery designs!

“Sometimes the problem is simply how we sit. In her ongoing poll of USDA employees, she finds that poor driving posture can lead to an increased risk of discomfort in the neck, back, shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers, legs and feet”

Dr. Ginger Edgecombe Dorsey

Ph.D., Ergonomics Program Manager for the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

"DK SCHWEIZER has scored one of the highest rating as manufacturing company. KIWA has provided them with the certificate for quality management system to acknowledge the companies good standing."

KIWA International

Ergonomic Advisory Board Member PT DPT OCS Esports & Founder of Respawn Therapy

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Quality Material

Genuine Italian Leather

Warranty Coverage

We got you covered


Easy to style


We add extra foam


Can last up to 10 years!


TÜV Rheinland Certified

Quality & Technology

Advance Machinery

Avant-Garde Material

Our Certificates

Styling Custom

Lab Testing and QA

Advance Machinery

Cutting-edge Machinery

Here at DK SCHWEIZER, we use proper equipment and the highest grade machinery to ensure that our products fits your wants and needs. Our machines are capable of any sort of customization needed. Maintenance and service checking is done regularly to ensure our machines executes perfectly with no errors. High grade advance machinery ensures the making of car interiors of your dreams.

Auto-Leather Cutting

This is a high grade auto machine that is used to cut leather competent for complexity cutting with precision.

Carpet Cutting

Consists of two types of cutting room the integrated and Vector fabric. Both types of rooms are used to increase production speed and product quality.

Pattern Stitching & Punching 

The machine is able to be applied on any material to sew any complicated pattern stitching. It is an advance machine created for customisation.

Digital Punching

This machine is a high accuracy and wide range machine used to punch holes on car seats upholstery, headrest and steering wheel covers. It has high accuracy in providing the best outcome.


The machine is able to be applied on any thick and thin material as well as leather sewing.


60 year experience by Tajima, creating the Compact Embroidery Machine SAI, gives a different meaning to “performance”. One of the best in its class to provide you with our best product.

Avant-Garde Materials

Nappa Leather 

When only the best matters, our Premium Nappa is the natural choice. It’s soft and amazingly durable, with a subtle texture that helps bring prominence to any design element you add such as contrast or pattern stitching.


The more pronounced grain gives a visual identity and texture typically found on classic leather. It feels great to the touch and looks outstanding in any type of vehicle. Like Nappa leather, it is easy to clean and just as durable.

Nappa Leatherette 

Nappa Leatherette is used as a complimentary fashion insert or a full upholstery cover over the seats. The texture is similar to suede and has the same non-glossy quality, making it a favourite for use in high performance cars.


Vinyl has gone a long way in terms of replicating genuine leather. Not only does it have the similar soft and luxury feel of real leather, but durable and with consistent texture.

High Durability

High wear resistant leather with the ability to have a longer lifespan compared to similar products in the market.


UV protected and no colour fading due to sunlight. Less leather heat absorption makes it more comfortable on a sunny day.

Color Fading 

No color migration in wet condition due to high quality material used in our products.

High Resistance

High resistance to fungus and leather deterioration with a longer lifespan.

Our Certificates


Our factories are fully certified by a number of bodies. These certifications are given as we at DK SCHWEIZER prioritise quality and professionalism to ensure that our products are of high standards and best in its class. Requirements to be met for certifications are high and we are well beyond the requirements.

Styling Customisation

Pattern Stitching with Perforation

DK SCHWEIZER has hundreds of patterns stitching with perforation patterns to choose from so take your time here when working on your custom design. This element can be the key factor to influence the look of the finished product.

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Perforation / Digital Punching

At DK SCHWEIZER, not only can we create complex perforation patterns, but also give options for the shape of the hole punched. More than just for aesthetics, perforation helps with ventilation.

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Contrast Stitching

Contrast stitching brings out the best in any seat upholstery design. Done right, it’s the only design element you need. But where’s the fun in that, right?

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Embossing / Debossing

Another design element that screams sophisticated customisation. Embossing is when the actual design is raised from the material, while debossing is the opposite (i.e. pressed into the leather).

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Need to show something off? Embroidery allows you to do it in colour. Embroidering is a popular and effective way to give your seats that proper bespoke recognition.

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Seat Airbag Compliance

DK SCHWEIZER can design for seats with an integrated airbag (which require special attention to maintain airbag functionality) , thus maximising your car’s safety features and value.

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Lab Testing and QA

Here at DK SCHWEIZER, we prioritise in providing the best quality of products to our customers. Having our products tested extensively in our laboratory equipped with high grade machinery has proven to produce the best quality leather can offer. Each batch of material that arrives at DK SCHWEIZER ranging from Nappa Leather to PVC, goes through an extensive cycle of tests before being released to our production line. Our test machines consist of universal tester machine, manual press cutter, flexing tester, leather softener tester, rub fastness tester, taber abrasion, gloss checker and spectro.

All of our raw materials are set to meet a certain amount of standards before moving on to other stages of the quality assurance process. These raw materials goes through 25000 cycles of tests in order to meet our standards. Our staff in our laboratory are well trained on managing the machines hence services on the machines are done regularly to fit quality and safety standards.

Our in-house lab will ensure that only the avant-garde leather material is being used to make the car seat upholstery.

Nappa Leather Test

  • Flex Endurance Test
  • Colour Fastness to Rubbing
  • Abrasion Resistance Test

Nappa Leatherette

  • Flex Endurance Test
  • Colour Fastness to Rubbing
  • Abrasion Resistance Test


  • Flex Endurance Test
  • Colour Fastness to Rubbing
  • Abrasion Resistance Test


  • Flex Endurance Test

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