Product Registration


1) Our seat upholstery manufactured is guaranteed against material, workmanship, and manufacturing defects for a period of:

a) From the date of installation which is duly specify in the warranty page.

2) Warranty service will only be carried out upon presentation of a valid warranty proof from the authorised party or parties.

3) The warranty covers the repair or replacement (including installation) of defective parts in accordance to technical requirements determined by the Manufacturer at their sole discretion and shall exclude any other incidental costs incurred by the user.

4) This warranty SHALL NOT cover:

a) Defect from any negligence usage including scratches, staining, peel off, faded due to mishandling or wrongful application of chemical or cleaning agent and animal pollutants; burn mark (eg : cigarette bug) OR any other incidental defects;

b) Replacement of seat upholstery resulted from deployment of seat airbag;(If any)

c) Any defect including stitching or accessories due to any damages caused by external influences such as accident or negligence or repair or alteration by unauthorised party or parties.


1) Scratches due to Miss Handling or Negligence

2) Stain or Color Fade due to Cleaning Agent

3) Peel Off due to mishandling or contacted with hard objects.

4) Tear / Torn due to mishandling or using of sharp objects


1) Full Nappa Leather - 3 years

2) Half Nappa Leather - 3 years

3) Full Leather - 3 years

4) Half Leather - 3 years

5) Nappa Leatherette - 3 Years

6) Vinyl - 1 year

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